Terms and Conditions Overview for DreamyNodes:

1. Suspicion of Misuse or Illegal Activity: In the event of any suspicion of illicit activity or misuse of our services, DreamyNodes retains the authority to access customer data. Customers are responsible for ensuring the accuracy and currency of their account information. DreamyNodes will provide the underlying reason for data access upon request.

2. Data Responsibility: Customers bear sole responsibility for their data and content while using DreamyNodes services. Any data or content that violates the law or infringes on rights is the customer's responsibility, with exceptions considered only if they conflict with Service Level Agreements.

3. Termination: When discontinuing services, customers can terminate through our Dashboard, via email request, or by direct contact with verified company representatives.

4. Personal Data Access: According to the Personal Data Act, customers have the right to access all information DreamyNodes has collected about them. These data can be obtained by contacting DreamyNodes' Legal team without further justification.

5. Account Security: Customers are accountable for securing their accounts. DreamyNodes recommends the use of passwords containing special characters, lowercase and uppercase letters, and numbers.

6. Violation of Terms: If customers breach applicable terms, DreamyNodes will issue warnings via email or Discord. In certain cases, customer accounts/servers may be closed. DreamyNodes reserves the right to delete customer accounts/servers and may suspend accounts immediately in exceptional circumstances without prior notice.

7. Data Loss Liability: DreamyNodes cannot be held responsible for data loss due to factors like power or system failures. Customers are always entirely responsible for their data, including any losses.

8. Software Terms: DreamyNodes confirms software terms on behalf of customers.

9. Windows on VPS: DreamyNodes provides Windows on all VPSes for free, and activation is the client's responsibility. DreamyNodes is not liable for any issues related to Windows activation.

10. Chargebacks: Filing a chargeback, dispute, or claim against DreamyNodes results in the immediate and permanent termination of all DreamyNodes services, regardless of the chargeback's outcome.

11. Refunds: DreamyNodes offers a 48-hour refund period. If customers are dissatisfied with a product, they can contact DreamyNodes for a refund.

12. Cancellation: When canceling a product, customers can do so via our billing panel. Customers must also remember to cancel automatic billing subscriptions on PayPal. Failure to do so may result in automatic charges, and in such cases, customers should promptly contact DreamyNodes for a refund.

13. Acceptable Use Policy: By using DreamyNodes services, customers agree to comply with all laws and refrain from any illegal or abusive activities, including but not limited to:

- DDoS
- Torrenting
- Port Scanning
- Crypto Mining
- Bruteforcing
- Tor Exit Nodes
- Email spam/scamming

Deliberately disrupting DreamyNodes' network or harming its customers may lead to service suspension or termination, as determined by DreamyNodes.